B’Tayavon! Appetizer

Prices are given per piece for minimum orders of four dozen or more.

Mini Quiche $0.85 [1”]/$1.25 [3”]
Fillings (per 4 dozen): mushroom-herb; asparagus; leek-Montrachet;
Cheddar-potato-green pepper; broccoli

Empanadas $0.85
Fillings (per 4 dozen): black bean-salsa; corn-zucchini; spinach-mushroom;
beef-green olive; Jamaican beef; chicken-almond

Tyropita $0.95
Fillings (per 4 dozen): spinach-feta; leek-feta; curried mushroom; celery-shrimp

Mini Borekas $0.85
Fillings (per 2.5 dozen): cheese; potato; spinach-feta; Turkish eggplant

Mini Knishes $0.85
Fillings (per 2.5 dozen): beef; kasha; kasha-mushroom; potato; sour cheese

Filo Cups $0.85
Fillings (per 2 dozen): brandied mushrooms; caramelized onions on Montrachet;
curried chicken salad; herbed Montrachet; salmon mousse

Focaccio $16/half sheet (16-24 portions)
Varieties: olive-herb; onion-rosemary; sun-dried tomato; walnut-gorgonzola;
tomato-mozzarella; zatar; mushroom-fontina

Palmiers & Straws $0.75
2 dozen minimum/palmiers; 4 dozen minimum/straws: pesto; cheese; cinnamon

Bruschetta $1.50/
(Made to order: for events with labor, only)
Toppings: roasted red pepper-mozzarella; onion-black olive

Crostini $0.95/
Toppings: olive or mushroom tapenade, caponata; goat cheese & onion

Marinated Eggplant Salad on Pita Toasts $0.95/

Vegetable Platters
Standard + 1 dip $0.95/
Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, bell pepper strips, radish roses

Upscale + 1 dip $1.25/
Adds julienne jicama, blanched green beans, cauliflower & bell pepper flowers

Crudités + 2 dips $1.75/
Adds endive, butter lettuce, asparagus &/or snow peas, fanned Euro cucumber

DIPS: ranch, curried yogurt, spinach, baba ghanouj, hummus, blue cheese,
roasted red pepper, or guacamole (extra charge)

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes $0.85/
Fillings: pesto pasta, Tunisian tuna, baba ghanouj, smoked fish salad

Cucumber Disks $0.95/
Toppings: smoked fish salad, blue cheese & pecan, lox & dill cream cheese

Artichoke Truffles $0.95/
Marinated artichoke heart hidden in herbed goat cheese & Parmesan

Mushrooms with Cabernet Pearl Onions  $0.85/

Roasted Vegetable Terrine  $2.50/guest
Layers of eggplant, zucchini, peppers & basil in tomato aspic; served with toast

Dolmades $1.00/
Grape leaves filled with lamb-currant-rice, chicken-mint-rice,
or sun-dried tomato-pine nut-rice filling

Tortellini Kebabs  $0.95/
Served with roasted red pepper or marinara sauce

Antipasto Skewer $1.25/
Combinations of cured olives, artichokes, baby mozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes

Blue Cheese Shortbread Bites $1.00/
Homemade crackers topped with cream cheese, mango chutney & a walnut half

Labaneh  $0.75/ball or $6/cup
Homemade yogurt cheese balls or spread, with zatar & olive oil

Grape & Fine Cheese Platter  – price varies
Chosen to compliment any menu & budget

Mezze Platter  $1.75-$2.75/guest
Includes marinated artichokes & mushrooms, roasted red peppers, cured olives,
herbed feta, hummus and/or baba ghanouj, and pita wedges
Additions available: pita chips, Moroccan carrot salad, Jerusalem eggplant salad,
salat Turki, assorted Israeli pickles

Chicken Skewers  $1/skewer
Available in Provençal, Indonesian peanut, BBQ, teriyaki, lemon, or Jaffa orange

Chicken Nuggets  $1/
Mango chutney-Macadamia nut or apricot-pecan

Meatballs  $1/
Available in chicken teriyaki, lamb-eggplant, Moroccan lamb ($1/),
Ashkenazi sweet & sour beef

Smoked Turkey Tortillas  $0.95/
Turkey, chili & mole filling in mini corn tortilla, with sour cream-mole dip

Lamb Kofte  $1.25/
Ground lamb in the Moroccan style; served with salat Turki & pita

Sliced Tenderloin  $3.50/
Herb roasted rare beef on sourdough toasts with horseradish garnish

Blini  – price varies ($1.25 & up)
White or buckwheat pancakes with lox & horseradish crème fraîche, or lox spread,
onions & capers, or smoked fish salad

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