B’Tayavon! Cookies


Brownies: plain, nut, frosted, mint, caramel, raspberry-pecan, cheesecake (plain or coffee), triple mocha $30-$45/half sheet

S’More Bars $40.00/half sheet

Great American Pecan $50/half sheet; chocolate glaze, add $7.50 (almonds may be substituted)

Linzer $40/half sheet

Zebra or Chocolate Chip $35 or $30/half sheet

Baklava $50/half sheet (extra charge for pistachios)

Lemon Curd $40/half sheet

Pumpkin $30/half sheet

Sour Cream Apple $40/half sheet

Streusel Cheesecake $40/half sheet; fruit topping, add $10



Classic almond; chocolate-almond; cinnamon-pecan; apricot-pistachio; cranberry-orange; espresso; walnut-brandy; dried cherry-hazelnut; (other nuts can be substituted; extra charge for pistachios and macadamias and/or chocolate dipping) $7.00/dozen; 2-3 dozen minimum


Classic +/- nuts; triple chip; orange-pecan; oatmeal-walnut; peanut butter +/- oatmeal; mocha-macadamia; white chocolate-macadamia; cocoa-white chocolate chunk; coconut; chocolate-raspberry; double chocolate (macadamias extra) $5.00/doz small; $7.50/doz large; $12/doz extra large

Macaroons & Meringues (Not available in summer)

Macaroons: almond, pecan; coconut; coconut-chocolate chip; non-dairy coconut (chocolate dipping available) Prices vary

Meringues: plain; brown sugar-pecan; chocolate; chocolate chip; chocolate-flecked; orange

$4.50-$5/dozen; 3 dozen minimum


Apricot-walnut; cherry-walnut; chocolate chip-pecan; raspberry-chocolate chip; raspberry-pecan

$9.00/dozen; 4 dozen minimum


Traditional; almond; chocolate; chocolate chip/mini M & M; currant; ginger; lemon; mocha; oatmeal-walnut

$30/half sheet

Teaballs: Russian, toffee, mini chip, Kourembiedes

$4.50/dozen; 4 dozen minimum

Various Cookies

Almond Cookies $5.00/dozen

Chocolate Crackles $5.00/dozen

Ginger Thins $6.00/dozen

Hamantaschen $9.00/dozen

Hazelnut Twists $7.00/dozen (4 dozen minimum)

Jam Slices $5.00/dozen (linzer; apricot-orange; white choco-rasp.)

Mini Cheesecakes $7.20/dozen (3 dozen minimum)

Raspberry-Walnut Sandwich $5.00/dozen

Poppy Seed Wafers $4.00/dozen

Rumballs $5.00/dozen

Sugar, rolled $5.00/dozen (plain or chocolate)

Mint Ganache Stars                        $7.20/dozen

Kid Fun

Choco-dipped Pretzel Sticks $1.25/each

Marshmallow Skewers $0.95/each (white or dark chocolate + sprinkles)

Crisped Rice Bars $20/half sheet (toppings extra; castle extra)

Individual Dirt Cakes $2.50/each


Chocolate Chip Cookies $6/dozen

Macaroons & Meringues see above

Mandelbrodt (plain, chocolate) $7/dozen

Sandies (pecan, almond) $6/dozen

Apricot Crumb Bars $20/quarter sheet

Brownies $18/quarter sheet

Macaroon Fudge Bars $20/quarter sheet

Toffee Bars $18/quarter sheet

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