Seasonal Treats & Special Events

Passover bakery orders are due by March 20th (see menu options below); don’t delay!

 Check with us for Seder options as well



Queen Mother (chocolate-almond or -hazelnut, mocha glaze)                                          Chocolate-Nut (almond, pecan)                                                                                               Flourless Chocolate or Espresso Truffle (flourless)                                                                  Coconut Macaroon (Fresh Berries, optional)                                                                          Almond Meringue with Lemon Curd Filling (D) or Orange Frosting (D or P)

SPONGES                                                                                                                          Traditional (Chocolate, Citrus, Cranberry-Orange, Nut, or Spice)
Angel Food (Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip)
Chiffon (Orange, Lemon)

Apricot-glazed Apple (9”)                                                                                                                Pecan Caramel Tart (9”)

Macaroon Fudge Bars Toffee Bars
Apricot Bars

Chocolate Chip
Pecan Sandies
Pesach Chocolate Biscotti                                                                                                              Flourless Chocolate Fudge


Coconut Macaroons (dairy: chocolate chip or plain minis, large/dipped)                              (parve: plain, lemon, raspberry, coconut-almond)                                                                 Almond or Pecan Macaroon                                                                                                       Hazelnut Rochers                                                                                                                                 Persian Pistachio

MERINGUES                                                                                                                              plain, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate-flecked, raspberry, orange, rosewater, praline

Cheesecakes (varied, just ask!)                                                                                                     Matzah Toffee Crunch
Parve Chocolate Mousse

Cookies generally available with 2-3 dozen minimum order. Many desserts are parve, or can be made parve on request.

Graduations, weddings, birthdays or a family gathering in your future?

Consider ordering sweets, side dishes, or full menus for your special events!

We offer whole grain, healthy solutions through fit 2 eat’s repertoire, or menus of any kind through our catering business, B’Tayavon!

Call today for more information or to reserve your event date:        608-233-7192

For best availability & service, we advise booking your event as soon as your date is set.

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  1. Janet Robertson says:

    You can’t get fruitcake like this anywhere. Fruitcake fan or not you owe it to yourself to taste this one. In fact I shouldn’t tell anyone about it, but instead should buy them up myself.